World by Loren Cudney (English 222)

I see it fading away in grey. I know it
Because I know how darkness overtook me,
From the slow euphoric smolders of Cannabis lure,
Clouding my world in purple smoke until I melted
Away in glass pipes and murmuring rock pools.
Addiction led me through my lowest days,
Until my love and light were distant stars.
We strike at our world with the passion
Of an addict. Our thirst steals rivers and turns
Our cities into steel deserts. We’re the disease,
With our sickening chokes of factory smoke,
Our hollowed mountains and blighted forests.
A disease that kills, and we’re killing the world.
I don’t know enough of Native ways, but I think
They had it right. I wish I held their memories
Of thriving landscapes and timeless seasons,
Mating beside silver lakes under infinite sky.
Our world pales in the arms of ruin.

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